Based in Port Norris, N.J., Surfside Foods is now the leader in harvesting and processing sustainable clams.  Our exclusive focus on supplying Ocean Quahog (Arctica islandica) and Atlantic Surf (Spisula solida) clams and clam juice ingredients at industrial-grade levels, gives our customers unique flexibility in bringing the finest quality seafood products to foodservice and retail markets. 
Before supplying the largest soup manufacturers in the world, the company’s roots went back to the 1930’s at a small family fish market in Brooklyn, NY, which specialized in scungilli, a marine mollusk also known as conch. 
As the scungilli business flourished, the family moved to Cape May, N.J., to be closer to the supply of scungilli, being caught off the coast of the Nation’s Oldest Seashore Resort.  
From pioneering the hand shucking and canning process of locally sourced Surf Clams, to adjusting to 1970’s government-implemented harvesting restrictions and bringing Ocean Quahogs to the market through mechanized shucking, Surfside has never stopped innovating. We will always strive to continually improve our advances in technological processing, individual quick freezing and distribution capabilities on behalf of our partners. 
We are vertically integrated with 7 vessels of our own. We continue to be obsessed with the quality, traceability, and sustainability from the ocean floor to your table.   #clamlife